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Finland’s most experienced flight school – With a great attitude and a lot of joy!

The company BF-Lento, established in 1969, is the most experienced flight school in Finland. We are a family-owned business with a long tradition and a warm and relaxed atmosphere, and we warmly welcome to our school all persons interested in aviation! Flight training can be arranged flexibly, also alongside your work. Why not take a few minutes to get familiar with the long and colorful history of our flight school?
For the present, our flight school remains based at Malmi Airport in Helsinki. In the coming years, our operations will likely transfer to Nummela Aerodrome, only a 30-minute drive away from the capital city. Alongside Nummela, we actively use the airports of Kiikala, Räyskälä and Turku on our training flights. At times, our students naturally fly elsewhere in Finland as well. At Turku and Nummela, we have our own warm hangars at our disposal.

Flexible and versatile flight training from Zero to Hero

In our flight school, you can complete training to obtain a private pilot license and an airline transport pilot license. Our fleet consists of nine aircraft. Therefore we always have aircraft available for training flights, even if some of them were undergoing maintenance. Get a pilot training flexibly according to your own timetables and pay the training in partial payments!

We are flyboys and flygirls with a big heart

Our flight instructors and the rest of our staff are aviation professionals with a lot of heart, and our customer service is available from morning to evening every day of the week. In the fastest scenario, a private pilot’s flight training can be completed in just approximately three months. An airline pilot’s training can be completed in about 1.5-2 years. So what are you waiting for? Fulfill your dream and sign up to the flight school!

Sticking to what has been agreed, safety and happy people

That is the stuff that a good flight school is made of. We keep our promises so that there will be no letdown for you. Our decades of experience in flight training materialize in our operations as a safety culture where unnecessary risks are avoided. We will rather stay on the ground than go try our luck in inclement weather. Our fleet is always appropriately maintained. If it has been a long time since you last flew a plane, we require that you refresh your skills and knowledge with our flight instructor. Perhaps the most important thing for us is to make pilot training in our school truly feel like fun, both for you and for us. We consider it extremely valuable to have former students and teachers often revisit our office to talk about life and things and to “log hours at the coffee table”.

A flight school with eyes firmly fixed into the future

Thanks both to the continuation of our business for decades already and our high credit ratings, we have been in position to make investments in the future, as testified by the aircraft hangar that we built at Nummela Aerodrome. Flight schools typically have rather short lifespans. We are Finland’s oldest privately owned flight school continuously in operation, and we will continue providing flight training for years to come, so our customers need not worry about us still being in business tomorrow.

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