Aircraft Hangars in Nummela and Turku

Are you looking for storage space for your aircraft? We offer aircraft owners and operators a place to store their aircraft accordingly and safely in our warm aircraft hangars. The hangars are located at Turku (EFTU) and Nummela (EFNU) airfields. The size of the hangars are 400m2 (Turku) and 1200m2 (Nummela). The hangar in Nummela was finished in the summer of 2020. Our next hangar will be constructed to Nummela Airfield during 2021. Hangar space can be reserved from us by calling or by submitting a contact form.

Aircraft hangar 1 at Nummela Airfield

Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft hangar 1 is located at Nummela Airfield, the address is lentokentäntie 19. The hangar size is 1200m2. It comprises of a steel structure, which is insulated. Currently, it is kept at a target temperature of 11-15 degrees celsius. The hangar is warmed by the use of water to air heat exchangers and a heated floor with water circulation. The floor is treated with a shiny epoxy coating and to avoid contaminations we have installed oil separating wells. The hangar is located at Nummela Airfield south of runway 09-27. The hangar has two 20m wide electrical lifting doors. The dimensions of the hangar are as follows L: 40m W: 30M and interior height is 5m.

Aircraft hangar 2 at Nummela Airfield

During 2021 we will construct a second aircraft hangar to Nummela Airfield beside our aircraft hangar 1 to the eastern side, addressed lentokentäntie 21. The other aircraft hangar will be of similar structure and dimensions as aircraft hangar 1, excluding the interior height which will be raised about 1 meter. Regarding the other accessories and properties of the hangar we will make it so that it will be similar to aircraft hangar 1.

Aircraft hangar in Turku airport

Aircraft Hangar

Our aircraft hangar in Turku is located at Turku airport, the address is Kerosiinitie 75. This hangar is comprised of a steel structure with a recently overhauled sliding door and a smaller access door. The size of the hangar is 600m2 and it is insulated, but currently, we are not heating it.