Services for pilot license holders

We also provide services for pilot license holders. Our offering includes SEP class rating revalidations and extensions as well as familiarization trainings for the Cessna C152 and C172 aircraft models.

Extension of SEP class rating validity with a refresher training flight

You need to have logged 12 hours of flying time on an aircraft of the said class during the 12-month period that preceded the expiry of your validation, including 6 hours as Pilot-in-Command, 12 take-offs and landings and a training flight of at least one hour with a flight instructor. If these requirements are met, your validation can be extended with a refresher training flight. The training flight counts toward the aforementioned requirement for 12 hours of flying time. If you also have a TMG class rating, the SEP refresher training flight extends its validity as well, in addition to the validity of the SEP class rating.

Revalidation of an expired SEP class rating

A holder of an expired SEP -class rating needs to receive enough refresher training to guarantee the safety of flying, as provided by an approved flight training organization, and subsequently complete a proficiency check flight. If you also have a TMG class rating, it can be revalidated as well in the same context.

Familiarization and differences training and refresher training for the Cessna C152 and C172

Have you never flown the Cessna C152 or C172? Or has it been a longer while since you last flew these models? We are happy to provide you with familiarization, differences and refresher training quickly and flexibly.