Airline Transport Pilot Training – ATPL(A) ”Frozen” CPL(A) ME/IR

The price of Airline Transport Pilot Training and Professional Pilot Training

The price for our Airline Transport Pilot Training is 74 000€ (incl. VAT 24%). The price includes elementary training, night flying rating, ATPL distance learning, Pilot-in-Command hours under supervision and commercial pilot license training in Poland with multi-engine and instrument ratings. The price does not include medical examination fees, official fees, theory examination fees, flight examination fees or the multi crew cooperation course and advanced upset recovery training.

Airline Transport Pilot Training

I want to become an airline pilot – How to proceed

To become an airline pilot, you will have to complete an airline pilot training (Airline Transport Pilot License, ATPL(A) ”Frozen”). Once completed, the training entitles you to act as a copilot of a multiple-pilot aircraft operating in commercial air transport, such as a scheduled flight airliner. After completing the training, you will have what is colloquially referred to as a “frozen” airline transport pilot professional degree, in other words a commercial pilot license CPL(A) with multiengine and instrument ratings ME/IR, and the theoretical competence of an airline pilot.

By amassing a few years’ work experience in multi-pilot crew flying operations, you can apply for an airline transport pilot license ATPL(A) which entitles you to act as Pilot-in-Command in multi-pilot crew commercial air transports.

Airline pilot training gives you access to a great variety of different types of professional flying

  • Commercial air transports (scheduled traffic, cargo traffic, private aircraft,
    and so-called bush flying, i.e. aircraft operations in remote areas)
  • Aerial work (aerial photography, cartography, forest fire surveillance
    operations, wildlife search and rescue counting)
  • Flight instruction (requires flight instructor qualification)

Airline pilot training typically takes approximately 1.5-2 years to complete and is thereby a quick alternative for qualifying for a profession (compared with the professional studies of a doctor, lawyer, economist or master of science in engineering)

In addition to completing the extensive training, the applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age so as to be able to acquire a commercial pilot license; however, applicants may start their training during the year they turn 16. The training is a major investment, but studying at our school is also fun, useful and rewarding.

Make your dreams come true: study to become an airline pilot – From Zero to Hero!

Are you dreaming about working as an airline pilot, even though you have never flown a plane? Don’t worry – our training covers all the necessary knowledge, skills, theory and flying hours.

Our airline pilot training is conducted both in Finland and Poland, as we cooperate with Ventum Air Academy, a Polish flight school. The different parts of the training mesh together into a seamless modular package to help you evolve into a competent professional. Compared with our competitors, our course offers you approx. 50 hours more of real flying instead of mere simulator flying – a key asset for your job search. Moreover, on the course you will gain valuable international flying experience!

Basic training – On the way to becoming an airline pilot

Airline pilot training begins with a PPL(A) training period that corresponds to private pilot training, featuring approx. 100 hours of theory and 45 flying hours. Read more about the training here.

Night flying rating NF(A)

After completing the basic training, you still have to acquire the night flying rating NF(A) involving six hours of flying. Night flying is more challenging than daytime flying and requires the consideration of a number of factors. The flying hours are completed during darkness, in addition to which a short theory training is required for the rating. Once you have acquired the night flying rating, you are entitled to fly during darkness in visual flight weather conditions.

Airline Transport Pilot Training

Pilot-in-Command flying hours in Finland

During the training you will have to complete almost 100 flying hours of Pilot-in-Command (PIC) training. These flying hours are completed in Finland on a Cessna 152 aircraft. You can plan your flights yourself and select the airports to visit. BF-Lento’s training organization supervises the student’s flight preparation and planning also in this phase and provides the student with guidance and support in his or her independent work.

Distance learning ATPL theory course

While you are gathering Pilot-In-Command flying experience, you will begin your ATPL, or Airline Transport Pilot License theory course, which includes 650 hours of distance learning studying. Out of this study time, 10%, or 65 hours will be conducted as contact lessons or alternatively live webinars.

The ATPL theory course consists of the following topics:

  • 022 – Instrumentation
  • 061 – General Navigation
  • 050 – Meteorology
  • 040 – Human Performance and Limitations
  • 062 – Radio Navigation
  • 021 – Aircraft General Knowledge: Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Plant and Emergency Equipment
  • 010 – Air Law
  • 033 – Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring
  • 090 – Communications
  • 070 – Operational Procedures
  • 081 – Principles of Flight (Aeroplane)
  • 032 – Performance (Aeroplane)
  • 031 – Mass and Balance

Once you have completed the ATPL theory course in its entirety with the flight school, you still have to complete the necessary official examinations with the Civil Aviation Authority Traficom. The duration of this phase largely depends on yourself and your personal diligence. Typically it takes students 2-4 months to see it through.

Commercial pilot license with multi-engine and instrument ratings
in Poland, and training of recovery from unusual flight attitudes

Finally, you will make a trip to Poland to complete the flight training for multi-engine and instrument ratings and for the commercial pilot license as well as the required flight examinations. The training begins with a familiarization with the new home airport and the local airspace and Polish aviation culture, flying a PS-28 Cruiser, a modern single-engine aircraft made in the Czech Republic. The multi-engine and instrument rating training are flown with a Tecnam P2006T, a modern Italian aircraft. In terms of aviation technology, it is a complex twin-engine aircraft with retractable landing gear and adjustable propellers. Commercial pilot training is flown with both of these aircraft. Commercial pilot training also features the Basic UPRT training, i.e. the training for recovery from unusual flight attitudes, which is a requirement for applying a commercial pilot license after the modular training.

This phase of flight training typically takes about 4-8 weeks and also features two short theory periods, simulator training and the required proficiency check flights.

Become an Airline Transport Pilot

Multi Crew Cooperation MCC

This training component is not included in the course price; instead, it is left to be completed after the airline pilot course. It is a short course of about one week, featuring theory studies and simulator training. The course can be completed in Finland or elsewhere in Europe, with prices beginning from 1,500 euros. In airline pilot training, you will learn a lot about aviation. Based on this knowledge, you can then choose the MCC course provider whose simulator equipment, physical location and other parameters best match your goals and wishes at that point in time.

BF-Lento – Airline pilot training with a great attitude and professional competence

We are Finland’s oldest flight school. Our family-owned business has been in operation ever since 1969. So far we have successfully trained more than one thousand pilots, and our students regularly come back to us to extend the validity of their ratings. Airline pilot training has opened them doors to their dream jobs. We are a flight school with a relaxed atmosphere and rich tradition, and we warmly welcome all persons interested in aviation! Read more about pilots’ career prospects.

Airline Transport Pilot Training

Airline Transport Pilot Training – Training schedule

PPL-A (private pilot license), Cessna 152 and proficiency check flight 47h
ATPL (distance learning) theory 585/70h
NF-A (Night Flying rating) Cessna 152 6h
PIC (Pilot-In-Command hours, supervised) Cessna 152 97
Flights in Finland in total 150h
PS-28 Cruiser (Familiarisation with Polish airspace and airport procedures) 5h
Multi-engine theory MEP(L) 6h
Multi-Engine rating MEP (L) Tecnam P2006T 6h
MEP (L) Proficiency Check Tecnam P2006T 2h
PBN – Theory (Performance based navigation) 6H
BIR – Basic instrument flights with FNPT II flight simulator 5h
BIR – Basic instrument flights with airplane PS-28 Cruiser 5h
IR – Instrument rating training with FNPT II simulator 30h
IR – Instrument rating flights with Tecnam P2006T aircraft 15h
VFR flights (Visual flight rules) Tecnam P2006T 3H
CPL – Commercial Pilot License Flight training PS-28 Cruiser 10H
CPL – Flight training with Tecnam P2006T 5H
Flights in Poland before CPL/ME/IR Proficiency check in total 51h
CPL/ME/IR Proficiency check 4h
Flight time with airplanes in total
Flight time with Tecnam P2006T in total 35h
Flight time with C152 / PS-28 Cruiser in total 170h
Training time with FNPT II simulaator in total 35H
Training time with airplanes and simulators in total 240H

The numbers of hours announced above are the minimum, and any hours exceeding them are not included in the price. The estimated prices of the flight examinations are approx. 800 euros and 1,600 euros.

* Use of aircraft for CPL/IR proficiency check, ATPL examination fees and official fees approx. 5,500 euros (not included in the price of training).

Would you like to start airline pilot training? Submit a contact request to us, and we will get back to you to tell you more about the training.

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