The aircraft used in private pilot training

For elementary training and Pilot-in-Command experience gathering, we use full-metal Cessna aircraft built in the United States. They withstand Nordic weather conditions better than contemporary planes made of composite materials. The Cessna 172 is the world’s most manufactured general aviation aircraft (more than 44,000 aircraft built), and the Cessna 152 is the world’s most extensively used trainer aircraft (more than 32,000 aircraft built). The Finnish Aviation Academy based in Pori also uses both these models as their trainer aircraft.

Cessna 152

Our fleet comprises three four-seater Cessna 172 aircraft and six two-seater Cessna 152 aircraft. All of them feature complete dual controls. All of them feature complete dual controls. They all feature the necessary radio equipment, instrumentation and navigation equipment for night flying. They can also be used for training basic instrument flying.

The aircraft in our fleet are upgraded and their equipment modernized as necessary. We pay constant attention to maintaining the aircraft in good working order. The maintenance work is performed in Finland by maintenance organizations approved and supervised by Traficom. The fleet is kept on outdoor parking places and in our warm aircraft hangars.

Cessna aircraft are powered with U.S.-built Lycoming piston engines. They have been designed specifically for aviation purposes from the outset. They have a dual ignition system with two magnetos and two spark plugs per cylinder. The most important aspect of the engines is reliable operation, and therefore they are low-tuned and direct-driven. The Cessna 152’s engine has a displacement of 3.8 liters and engine power of only 110 hp. With the Cessna 172, the corresponding specifications are 5.2 liters and 160 hp.

Our trainer aircraft are fitted with heating and demisting equipment, to enable flight training also in wintertime. As a matter of fact, crisp winter days with subzero temperatures offer excellent visibility and facilitate steady flying, as no ground thermals occur in wintertime.

Fleet used in airline pilot training

In those modules of our airline pilot training that take place in Poland, the fleet and other equipment consist of the Tecnam P2006T multi-engine aircraft from Italy, the Czech Sport Aircraft PS-28 Cruiser from the Czech Republic and flight simulators.

PS-28 Cruiser
Tecnam P2006T
Flight Simulator
ALSIM 250 FNPT II Flight simulator