Private Pilot License PPL(A)

Are you dreaming about rising above everyday life? Go and get yourself a private pilot license (PPL). Already at an altitude of 2500 feet, the world looks different and you forget your problems. If you’re tempted by flying, now is your chance: acquiring a pilot’s license is fun, challenging, and useful.

You can start your training in the year when you turn 16. You can start the training right away, but before your first solo flight, you will have to undergo a medical examination by an Aero Medical Examiner (AME). Normal health is enough for flying – you don’t need to be a top athlete. You can wear glasses, too. After the AME has examined you and found you fit enough, you will get a medical certificate to that effect.

What is included in a private pilot license course?

BF-Lento arranges private pilot flight training. Having completed the course, you will be granted a private pilot license PPL(A). The abbreviation PPL is composed of the initials of the type of license, and the symbol A means that the license is specifically for airplanes. A private pilot is not allowed to accept monetary compensation for flying, but with the license, you can fly your friends around in a small aircraft, for example.

To obtain a private pilot license, you are required to be at least 17 years of age and have a valid medical certificate issued by an AME, have completed an appropriate training and passed both the theory examination of the aviation authority and a flight examination.

A private pilot license entitles you to act as Pilot-in-Command on flights others than those conducted for commercial purposes. The ratings attached to your pilot’s license indicate the aircraft classes covered by the license. The most common of these is the SEP(Land) class rating.
(Single Engine Piston, Land), i.e. the class rating for single-engine piston-powered land-based aircraft. Other ratings include SEP(Sea) that is a seaplane rating, night flying rating, multi-engine rating, instrument rating and flight instructor rating.

To whom is a private pilot license suited?

You can start your private pilot training and theory studies in the year when you turn 16. However, you need to be 17 years old to apply for an actual pilot’s license. You can start the training right away, but before your first solo flight, you will have to undergo a medical examination by an Aero Medical Examiner (AME). Normal basic health is enough for flying; that is to say, you don’t need a top athlete’s physique to get your pilot’s license. You can wear glasses, too. If the AME finds you fit enough, you will get a medical certificate to that effect.

Flying suits almost all people, and over the past few years, more and more women have become interested in acquiring a pilot’s license. You are most welcome to come aboard, too!

Private pilot license (PPL) – What is included in the training

The private pilot course offered by BF-Lento comprises 100 hours of theory studies as a combination of distance learning and contact instruction and 45 hours of flight training including at least 10 hours of solo flight training under the flight instructor’s supervision. The entire private pilot license training typically takes about 3-6 months, depending on the time of year.

Theoretical studies for a pilot’s license conducted by way of distance learning:

For the theoretical studies, there is a distance learning portal available in Finnish and English language, and the theory classes’ materials are always accessible there. You can study the theory completely according to your own timetables. The time you spend on the portal is monitored, and your studies on the portal are therefore comparable to lessons attended in the classroom. Additionally, you will be assigned exercises to complete for review by the instructor. Online distance learning is complemented by contact instruction in the classroom to help you optimally prepare for the theory examinations by both the flight training organization and the civil aviation authority.

Flight training

You can start your flight training right away at a time that suits you during the days, evenings and weekends. You will get familiar with BF-Lento’s Cessna aircraft together with the instructor, and you get to apply your acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. The course features 45 flying hours, of which 10 hours involve solo flying under the instructor’s supervision. The tasks naturally include flight preparations with the instructor before getting onboard the aircraft and post training debriefing following landing.

After you have passed the written theory examinations and logged at least the required minimum number of flying hours (45 hours), the school will sign you up for a proficiency check flight conducted with a flight examiner approved by Traficom. After successfully completing your proficiency check flight, you can begin waiting mail from Traficom as a proud holder of a private pilot license!

Price of a private pilot license PPL(A)

The price of a private pilot license PPL(A) consists of the theory course and the flying component, the total price of which is 16 850 euros (incl. VAT 24%) You can pay the sum as a one-off payment or in a number of installments during the training. The course price also covers the written study materials and other supplies and the use of an aircraft for the proficiency check flight – and of course the coffee enjoyed during and after the course! (Colloquially, the talk is about “racking up hours at the coffee table.) In addition to the course price, you will have to pay a further 1,200 euros to cover Traficom’s theory examinations and other official fees, the medical examination by an AME and the proficiency check flight examiner’s fee.

A pilot’s license is valid for the pilot’s entire lifetime, but a valid medical certificate is a prerequisite for using it. Additionally, you will have to conduct a refresher training flight or a proficiency check flight every two years so as to maintain at least your SEP class rating valid.

As the next step, you can continue toward new challenges offered by your inspiring pastime and gain more experiences and new skills. Why not complete night flying, aerobatic, seaplane or sailplane towing ratings? You can also head for a new profession as commercial pilot or flight instructor. Or how about continuing with your studies to become an airline pilot?

About BF-Lento

We are Finland’s oldest flight school. Our family-owned business has been in operation ever since 1969. So far we have successfully trained more than one thousand pilots, and our students regularly come back to us to revalidate their ratings. We are a flight school with a relaxed atmosphere and rich tradition, and we warmly welcome all persons interested in aviation!

Would you like to acquire a private pilot license? Submit a contact request to us, and we will get back to you to tell you more about the training.

Private pilot license PPL(A)